Anti-corruption wave picks up speed in Malaysia

IT’S rare that people get excited about changes at the helm of a government department or agency. By and large, they have come to accept that the civil service being what it is, the new boss who comes in is going to provide more of the same quality of leadership. Or simply put, it’s business as usual.

Rightly or wrongly, there is a myth embedded in the civil service that it’s a “comfort zone” and that civil servants and their bosses at all levels tend to play safe and won’t rock the boat. Continue reading “Anti-corruption wave picks up speed in Malaysia”

Head of IT & former Projects Director deleted files from server


Former head of projects Fazal Wahab has reportedly been in and out of the building long after he tendered his resignation and left the job. I have seen him in and out a few times while headed in for meetings.

Continuing a fine trend of slackness, the HR Director has processed a resignation of someone who did not do a proper hand over. This matter came up before with Wahab when he went on leave and Omar Narine took over. Narine could not answer questions because he had no idea what Wahab was working on and no handover was done. This is a common feature, persons have secrets to protect so they go off on leave with keys and documents and still get paid. Continue reading “Head of IT & former Projects Director deleted files from server”

Ghosts employees at CHPA

12 April, 2016

It’s becoming more apparent that this agency has many ghost employees. ALL members of management are aware of this as well as many staff I’ve spoken to.

The HR Director Laverne Benfield Sanscoulotte is also fully aware of this. For example most of the persons working and being paid at the Turn Key site are not listed as employees. They are receiving pay which is classified as stipend.

Many of these same persons also worked on the private development Windsor Estate and another close by scheme. In all instances they were paid by CHPA. That’s based on info shown to me.

Additionally, the roster of names on the time machine exceeds by far the employee list given to the Board. The HR director and IT MANAGER Andre Ally were made aware of this.

An HR audit would also reveal that half of the staff in Land Admin could be sent home without issues. They serve no purpose.

Other departments with questionable staff count: projects, monitoring and evaluation and HR. I have no idea what monitoring and evaluation does. This seems to have been created by irfaan alli for germane Stewart.

Stewart strangely enough is also in charge of GIS. The body of work put out by both these departments is a joke. There are no GIS maps and data to speak of and the agency has a whole department dedicated to it. Stewart talks a good game but she is in way over her head. We can’t even see maps and location of commercial businesses that apply for plans.

My guess is about 25 persons minimum of the payroll are ghost.

These are crimes against the poor people of this country. They have to be addressed.

No one knows how many houselots in remigrant scheme

3 March, 2016

An entry point into CHPA lawlessness and corruption is this remigrant scheme.

Just a few highlights: 

  1. There are no policies or documents about its creation or how it’s supposed to function
  2. No one can define remigrant

Only 12 of the 130+ persons given lots are actual remigrant’s

  1. The scheme is run by the IT Manager
  2. The land admin dept claims they know nothing about scheme (Ingrid jones and Denise tudor )
  3. The accounts receivable is over 100 million
  4. Denise Tudor gave me a document showing persons who owed money were given land titles
  5. Less than ten houses have been built
  6. Someone has a cattle ranch on these multimillion dollar houselots
  7. Guyamerica which is doing infrastructure work has a massive contract but does nothing

But the best might be, no one knows how many house lots are in the scheme.

The brochure got one number, the CEO Myrna Pitt got a different number, IT man Andre Ally who manages this racket don’t know, land admin boss Denise Tudor has no idea. Between them I’ve received four numbers ranging from 521 to 574.

To complicate matters I waited 3 weeks for a plan and when it arrived it was unregistered and you could not read the print. Tell me if this is not the actions of criminals? 

I’d recommend any audit and criminal investigation at CHPA start in the remigrant scheme. The other 382 schemes would reveal similar illegal and fraudulent acts by management.

Staff being intimidated & harassed for talking to Mark Jacobs


8th April, 2016

It’s a hazard for staff members to speak to me. Various forms of harassment and intimidation going down by other staff and management. 

Four managers staff complain about the most are: HR Director Lavern Benfield Sanscoulotte, Germene Stewart, Omar Narine in Project Dept., Denise King Tudor in Land Administration. 

One staff said of being called an informant! Imagine that.

I had a meeting with land allocation dept to introduce myself etc and if 24 persons present only 2 had anything to say when I opened the floor.

I was informed later Tudor told them not to say anything. These people are all adults. Presumably.

Many members of staff talk to me. 90% discretely cause of fear. How else would I get info if staff didn’t tell me?

Management have a big problem with that and staff are being whipped into line. Other tactics include repeating foolishness to staff which works on the weaker ones.

The amount of ridiculous things I am supposedly responsible for is too long to mention. I think I was once blamed for them not getting paid on time. 

It’s stupid and childish and it will not stop staff from sharing information. 

I know who’s in daily contact with Irfaan Ally and Bharrat Jagdeo. I know there’s payroll fraud and I know CHPA has ghost employees. Intimidating staff won’t stop that flow of information. 

Andre Ally seeking protection from Minister Patterson


8th March, 2016

I’ve been thinking about this foolishness the past week. I was tempted to respond with something very harsh but gave myself a few days before responding. 

I understand this protocol stupidity these idiots are latching on to to which I say, fuck you and your protocol.

If I need answers to a question, I don’t see the need, nor do I have the time, to write the CEO through the board secretary to then forward to an officer. No fuck that and fuck all this protocol bullshit. I have no time to waste. I’d be waiting years for information.

If I have a question I want it answered in the shortest possible time so I will send my questions directly to the person. These people are all games. The CEO believes that shit too and I could see why. They have shit to hide.

Where was protocol when they were fucking up billions in tax payers money?

The Chairman said I should direct my questions through the secretary for peace. He is a diplomat and say play along as it is the correct way 🙂

I am surprised the Minister got herself involved but she does not listen the few times we’ve had chance to speak to her. The criminals are whispering in her ears and she is falling for it. I can’t understand how an APNU AFC minister would take sides with these PPP criminals. Strange.

Next I might need permission to speak to management and staff directly.

Still waiting on details on $25 million pipe “theft” story

10 July, 2016

Head of Projects Fazal Wahab claimed 25 million in pipes were stolen from Farm I think.

This was an oral report to the Board. This is fucking theatre of the absurd type shit. A head of department mentioning a 25 million theft with no details. Like all these “thefts” no report was made to the Police.

This is how state assets are handled and mis handled.

Until I see details, I remain convinced Wahab and his cohorts stole those pipes or diverted those funds to their own purposes.

The legal officer, CEO and other seniors from management as per normal sat in silence saying nothing.

An audit of all projects done in these housing schemes will reveal lots of “missing” equipment and works.

At numerous discussions we’ve had I’ve mentioned firing Wahab. His engineering output is subpar. All projects they start have serious defects and issues. ALL.

Charles Ceres did an in depth look just at Wahab, Omar Narine and the rest paper work on about 150 odd projects.

Just based on their paperwork, he recommended surcharging and firing the entire project dept engineer crew and hire four new graduates from UG.

He is an engineer, who am I to contradict his professional analysis? 

And we’re talking from engineering stand point only. Crimes and illegal acts are another matter.