Head of IT & former Projects Director deleted files from server


Former head of projects Fazal Wahab has reportedly been in and out of the building long after he tendered his resignation and left the job. I have seen him in and out a few times while headed in for meetings.

Continuing a fine trend of slackness, the HR Director has processed a resignation of someone who did not do a proper hand over. This matter came up before with Wahab when he went on leave and Omar Narine took over. Narine could not answer questions because he had no idea what Wahab was working on and no handover was done. This is a common feature, persons have secrets to protect so they go off on leave with keys and documents and still get paid. Continue reading “Head of IT & former Projects Director deleted files from server”


Andre Ally or Denise King Tudor cant explain why a $40 million transaction is not recorded anywhere

When a through audit is done of Central Housing they will back trucks up to the gate and fetch management and staff out. This place is FULL of corrupt and uhexplainable acts. Well we know why there are no explanations.
Mrs. Tudor is the boss of land administration and the defacto deputy CEO but the head of IT, Andre Ally was in charge of the remigrant scheme and allocating land to persons! According to him Irfaan Ali created that role for him. According to Tudor she knows nothing of the remigrant scheme. Continue reading “Andre Ally or Denise King Tudor cant explain why a $40 million transaction is not recorded anywhere”

RE: Modifying the Land Management System – Field Survey

Andre Ally AttachmentThu, Oct 20, 2016 at 1:18 PM
To: Mark Jacobs
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From: Andre Ally [mailto:andre@chpa.gov.gy]
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2016 6:05 PM
To: ‘deborah edwards’;
Cc: ‘deniset@chpa.gov.gy’; ‘germenes@chpa.gov.gy’; ‘reazea@chpa.gov.gy’; ‘omarn@chpa.gov.gy’; ‘Hannifah Jordan’; lavernb@chpa.gov.gy; ‘Fayola Azore’; ‘Donell Bascom’; gladwinc@chpa.gov.gy
Subject: Modifying the Land Management System – Field Survey Continue reading “RE: Modifying the Land Management System – Field Survey”

FW: follow up questions on website & remigrant matters

Denise and Andre,
Please see the response from Mr. Jacobs for necessary attention.
Best regards
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From: Mark Jacobs [mailto:emarkjacobs@gmail.com] 

Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2016 6:06 AM

To: Myrna Pitt

Cc: rabulkan@ymail.com; deborahe@chpa.gov.gy; valerie.adams

Subject: Re: follow up questions on website & remigrant matters
Mrs. Pitt:

Thanks for your response.
I did receive a copy of the Lethem enforcement report from Mr. Tudor.

The other items regarding the private developers I do not have because I was not in Guyana for the December meeting.
I have the process map from Mr. Ally, however, a large number of my questions still remain unanswered.
Who writes this offer letter?

How do you determine who is or isn’t a remigrant?

What policies or guidelines do you follow and was it approved at the board level?

What checks do you carry out on applicants?

How does the information from MIS transfer to Land Administration?

Who verifies the integrity of information passed from the MIS to Land Administration?

et cetera
Please see memo attached
thanks in advance,

humble regards,

Mark Jacobs

Follow up questions on : IT Dept budget submissions & remigrant programme

FROM​ : Mark Jacobs, Chair, Land Allocation Committee
TO​ : Andre Ally, Head, Information Communications Technology
VIA: ​Myrna Pitt, CEO, Central Housing & Planning Authority
DATE​ : 1st March, 2016
SUBJECT​ : Follow up questions on : IT Dept budget submissions & remigrant programme
Mrs. Pitt: 
At the Land Administration Committee meeting on 8th February, 2016 we discussed a number of items
and we presented a list of items we wanted for our next meeting. To date we have not received any of
those items/documents.

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RE: follow up questions on website & remigrant matters

Mr. Jacobs,
I have discussed the contents of your email with Mrs. Tudor and Ms. Edwards. The following are the outcomes:
1. Item 1 – the list is currently being compiled by the Projects Department and will be made available to the Committee on completion;
2. item 2 – is in the possession of Hon. Minister Adams-Patterson;
3. Item 3 – This list will be printed and given to the Secretary of the Board for transmission to you;
4. Item 4 – This list will be sent to you from the HR Department;
5. Item 5 – The list of private developers will be sent to you; please note, that you are in possession of this already when it was distributed to the Board in December 2015; the contracts will be made available at the next meeting;
6. Item 6 – The overview of the Enforcement Section was provided to you and discussed at the meeting of the February 8th 2016; activities for the last year are currently being compiled;
7. Item 7 – The information in respect of Lethem was submitted to you (the report which was compiled by the Enforcement Officer, Mr. Kitt); Mrs. Tudor has advised that she gave you this report in a burgundy folder at the airport prior to us embarking on the trip to Lethem;
8.Item 8 – Mr. Andre Ally made the process map available to you;
9. Item 9 – One hundred and thirty lots (130) are allocated in the Remigrant Scheme, out of a total of 517 lots;
10. Item 10. – No, citizens of other countries are not eligible for the allocation of land.
The Secretary will forward the minutes of the meeting of February 8th. 2016 to you.
Myrna A. Pitt

Chief Executive Officer

Central Housing and Planning Authority

41 Brickdam and United Nations Place


Telphone #: 226-2265

Fax: 225-4991

Email: myrnap@chpa.gov.gy

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From: Mark Jacobs [mailto:emarkjacobs@gmail.com] 

Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2016 10:37 AM

To: myrnap; deborah edwards

Cc: valerie.adams; Ronald Bulkan

Subject: follow up questions on website & remigrant matters
I left off the title from the previous email sorry about that humble regards, Mark Jacobs
On 3/1/16, Mark Jacobs <emarkjacobs@gmail.com> wrote:

Mrs. Pitt:

At the Land Administration Committee meeting on 8th February, 2016 we 

discussed a number of items and we presented a list of items we wanted 

for our next meeting. To date we have not received any of those 


Additionally, I did not receive the documents requested for the Lethem 

One of the areas the committee is trying to get a better understanding 

of is the Remigrant Program. We’ve submitted to Mr. Ally a number of 

questions regarding the website and remigrant program and he replied 

to a previous memo on 12 Feb, 2016.
I sent a series of follow up questions and received this email yesterday.

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

Please be advised that I was instructed by the Hon. Valerie 

Adams-Patterson to not respond to your email. Further, The Honourable 

minister requested that you speak with her on this matter.

Andre Ally Head,

ICT Central Housing and Planning Authority

I believe this is a misconstruation of what the minister said. Going 

forward we will channel all communication/questions through your 

Attached are the follow up questions we have based on the responses 

received from Mr. Ally on February 12th.
humble regards,

Mark Jacobs

mark Jacobs lives!