staff in projects dept says management denying him opportunity to further studies

Dear Mr. Jacobs, good afternoon, with reference to this query I would like to shed some light on this particular situation, the COW in question is Mr. Brown. He has written to me seeking approval for CHPA to fund a training in Project Management, however the CHPA Budget for 2017 has only been approved in principle and as such this is what was explained to the staff. I recommended that his studies be rescheduled to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter of 2017. 
As a matter of fact, it is my opinion that the area of study that Mr. Brown is seeking to pursue is far beyond his current responsibilities towards the Department and the Agency as a whole. However, appropriate training for Clerks of works such as Mr. Brown was catered for in the CHPA 2017 Budget and as soon as the budget is approved, they would be informed accordingly and the necessary schedule would be implemented.
I hope that the explanation clears the air on this issue.

Omar Narine

DOP (Ag)


In addition, Mr. Brown was well informed 
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Subject: staff in projects dept says management denying him opportunity to further studies
Ms. Edwards:

I’ve received a complaint from a Clerk of Works in the Project Dept regarding him pursuing additional training funded by CH&PA He says his request has been denied by the HR Manager Sanscoulotte and Project Director Narine.

What’s CH&PA policy regarding studying and scholarships?
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Mark Jacobs