Fwd: Immediate inventory of CH&PA financial records

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Subject: Immediate inventory of CH&PA financial records

From: Mark Jacobs <emarkjacobs@gmail.com>

To: Deborah Edwards <deborahe@chpa.gov.gy>,hannifahj <hannifahj@chpa.gov.gy>

CC: mayorofgeorgetown@mail.com, board members
Dear Chairman:

Good morning and all the best in 2017.

If you may recall, I made a presentation to the Board and subsequently

wrote a memo based on that presentation titled “Indications of payroll

fraud & other HR deficiencies at CH&PA” (11th October, 2016)
Based on discussions with board members I met with the Internal

Auditor and presented her a copy of the memo I prepared. A copy of

said memo was also shared with the HR Manager Laverne

Benfield-Sanscoulotte and based on information relayed to me the

subject was discussed by members of the Management Team at their

weekly meeting.
Before Internal Auditor began her work I had a meeting with Mrs.

Sanscoulotte where we discussed the contents of the memo in the CEO’s

Office ( i don’t recall the date of that meeting)
In a memo dated 20th October, 2016, “Response to Report on payroll

fraud” Internal Auditor Paula McKenzie confirmed the findings of my

memo. (both memos attached)
I’ve had verbal and email communication with the HR Manager and to

date no action has been taken to address these concerns by the HR

Manager or anyone in the Management Team. I have made no

recommendations to anyone regarding what should or shouldn’t be done.
For further clarity regarding finance and fraud matters in government

agencies I met with Minister within the Ministry of Finance Jaipaul

Sharma this morning in his office. Along with memo mentioned above we

discussed other matters regarding financial irregularities in the Land

Allocation Department at CH&PA (past and current).
Minister Sharma made some recommendations which I will update members

on and arranged a meeting with Accountant General Jawahar Persaud

(Telephone : 226-1062)
Mr. Chairman based on our meeting, Mr. Persaud has asked me to relay

to you the following message:
“Please begin an immediate inventory check on all cash, checks,

receipts, deposit books, check books and deposit slips”

This includes the financial records of all CH&PA Regional Housing

Offices (Anna Regina, Vreed en Hoop, Fort Wellington, New Amsterdam,

Linden and Lethem)
All for your information and guidance.
humble regards,

Mark Jacobs

Chair, Land Allocation Committee

“Indications of payroll fraud & other HR deficiencies at CH&PA”

“Response to Report on payroll fraud”


FW: Request for Information-SARU

From: Reaze Abrahim [mailto:reazea@chpa.gov.gy] Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 10:27 AM

To: “””””””

Subject: Request for Information-SARU


Mr. “”””,


This email serves to informed you a copy of request for information from SARU addressed to Hon. Minister Valerie Patterson has been received by the finance department. (see attachment)



Mr. Reaze Abrahim

Director of Finance (ag)

Ministry Of Communities

Central Housing and Planning Authority

41 Brickdam



CH&PA 2015 Finance Report

The following documents comprise this Finance Department’s report:

Statement of Income and Expenditure for the period November, 2015;
Revenue Schedule against Budget for the months of November, 2015;
Expenditure Schedule against budget for the months of November, 2015;
Cash, Bank and Imprest Balances as at 30th November, 2015.

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