Reassigning officers back to CH&PA headquarters

9 June 2016

Dear Ms. Pitt:
The Land Allocation Committee has grave concerns regarding the millions of dollars lost to theft and vandalism at the 1000 Homes Project site, the unknown losses from the storage bond and the manner in which items are still being procured.
We are recommending that the following officers be relieved of their current duties and re-assigned immediately to CH&PA headquarters until our presentation.
Timothy Sammy, Procurement Officer.

Jageshwar Ramnath, Field Auditor.
Please find attached full memo.
Thanks in advance for your anticipated co-operation.
humble regards,

Mark Jacobs

Chairman, Land Allocation Committee


RE: Halt all remigrant activities & purchases in IT department

Dear Mr. Jacobs
The Committee’s visit to the IT Department is confirmed for Tuesday 5th April, 2016. 
Also, I have instructed that the link be deactivated on the website; no purchase has been made as yet re. the IT Equipment.
Please be guided accordingly.
Best regards

Myrna A. Pitt

Chief Executive Officer

Central Housing and Planning Authority

41 Brickdam and United Nations Place


Telphone #: 226-2265

Fax: 225-4991


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From: Mark Jacobs [] 

Sent: Monday, April 04, 2016 8:09 AM

To: myrnap

Cc: Ronald Bulkan; valerie.adams;

Subject: Halt all remigrant activities & purchases in IT department
Ms. Pitt:

Good Morning.

We would like a visit to the IT Dept on Tuesday April 5th, 2016 to clarify inconsistencies in information received.
The Board has already recommended that all activity concerning the remigrant program be halted. This includes data processing, data entry and online applications.

Purchases for hardware and website upgrades have also not been properly explained. Please halt all financial activity until we clarify what’s being spent.
Please find attached full memo
humble regards,

Mark Jacobs

RE: Modifying the Land Management System – Field Survey

Andre Ally AttachmentThu, Oct 20, 2016 at 1:18 PM
To: Mark Jacobs
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From: Andre Ally []
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2016 6:05 PM
To: ‘deborah edwards’;
Cc: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘Hannifah Jordan’;; ‘Fayola Azore’; ‘Donell Bascom’;
Subject: Modifying the Land Management System – Field Survey Continue reading “RE: Modifying the Land Management System – Field Survey”

Fwd: Incorrect document on pricing sent

it’s approaching a year since we’ve been trying to clarify how house lots were priced by CHPAthis is the y type of foolishness we have to sift through

this still has not answered the question

I wont forward the other doc which was ‘accidentally’ sent

that is two pages of absolute rubbish

it’s time we shift this agency in a new direction

humble regards,

mark jacobs

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From: <>

Date: Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 11:44 AM

Subject: Incorrect document on pricing sent

To: Mark Jacobs <>

Cc: board members, Jordan Hannifah <>,, Ronald Bulkan <>, “valerie.adams” <>, myrnap <>

Dear Mr. Jacobs
Please ignore the first document/ file sent on pricing, it is only a draft which has to be edited. Please see the extracted document from the Policy Document attached.
Denise King-Tudor (Mrs)
Director of Operations
Central Housing and Planning Authority
41 Brickdam and United Nations
From: [] 

Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2016 9:35 AM

To: ‘Mark Jacobs’

Cc: ‘board members, ‘Jordan Hannifah’; ‘’; ‘Ronald Bulkan’; ‘valerie.adams’; ‘myrnap’

Subject: RE: Pricing Policy of CHPA, transactions of the Land Management System and 322 Tabatinga Housing Scheme
Dear Mr. Jacobs
Please permit me to response to your e-mail and to clarify matters raised.
Parcel 322 Tabatinga Housing Scheme
As you are aware, that Honorable Minister Valerie Patterson made a decision on February 19th, 2016 and approved the allocation of 322 Tabatinga to Mr. Nevin Tocoordeen to remain on the house lot previously allocated. On the following day, February 20th, 2016 Parcel 979 Culvert City was allocated to Mr. Richard Damdar. The sum of $75,000.00 dollars was made towards the acquisition of the land.
On the 6th of June 2016, an email was addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Myrna Pitt. This email was subsequently sent to me to have a report done. Please see a copy of that email below.

Upon receipt of the email, I spoke with the Hon. Minister Hononrable Ms. Valerie Patterson and I immediately place the documents submitted by the RHO at Head office on Hold pending the resolution.
This information was also communicated to Ms. Joseph, the Regional Housing Officer for Region No.9 and also I had requested that the officer to submit a report on matter. This report was later submitted on the 8th of June by the officer and had to be reviewed before submission. There was an outreach for regions 6 and 5 on the Thursday 9 and Friday 10th of June.
On Wednesday June 15th, 2016 in an email from you, it was stated that you did not remember to raise the Lethem Matter with me at the Land Allocation Committee meeting held in the morning of the June 15th. 2016.
The following day, that is Thursday June 16, 2016, an email was dispatched to you providing an update and explanation on the said Parcel which was submitted by the RHO.
Subsequently, on Friday June 17th, another email was sent requesting that all activities be put on hold with respect to the lot.
Consequently, on the said date, the CEO sent an email to the RHO informing her to action the request made by you. The officer, indicated last week that she had only seen the email and requested what exactly should be done because it is not a situation where there is a contravention. The officer reported to me this morning that she was unsuccessful in making contact with the CEO last week and she was advised to inform the allottee of the decision of the chairman of the Land Allocation Committee.
Please an update submitted this morning by RHO hereunder:
TO: Ms. Myrna Pitt
               Chief Executive Officer
THRU: Ms. Denise King-Tudor
               Director of Operations
FROM: Ms. Michelle Joseph
               Regional Housing Officer
DATE: 11th July, 2016
SUBJECT: Issues Surrounding Lot 322 Tabatinga.
Dear Madam,
Please be informed that on today’s date, 11th July, 2016 at 10:00am, I visited Lot 322 Tabatinga to instruct Mr. Nevin Taccordeen to cease all constructions on the said lot as instructed by my superiors. Unfortunately Mr. Taccordeen was not at the lot. I visited his spouse’s home instead and ask her to relay the information to him. He came to the office a few minutes later and asked why he was being asked to cease construction when he was given legal documents by Minister Patterson. I told him I am carrying out instructions given to me and if he wants he can call or visit the office in Georgetown to make queries. He asked for a number and I give him the Director of Operations Office Number. 
Please find attached, photos of the works ongoing.
All for your information and guidance.
Yours Truly
Michelle Joseph
Please note that when I indicated that I will provide an update on the memos on Tuesday the 12th of July, I did not refer to the action to be taken on the Parcel 322 Tabatinga because this was already in process.
List of Housing Schemes
With respect to the above, please be informed that the list of Housing areas under the control of the Land Administration and Conveyance Department was submitted to the Board members in October 2015 via the Secretary to the Board, Ms. Deborah Edwards. The compiled list of Housing schemes and squatting areas were also submitted via email to a member of the Board.
This information is available and I would be happy to share another copy with you. I will make another copy of this list and have the Secretary to the Board issue same to you tomorrow at the meeting.
Pricing Policy
Please be informed that the Pricing Policing and Structure were included in the Land Administration and Conveyancing Department presentation done at the Board Retreat held on November 20th, 2015. For ease of reference, please see the attached slides from the presentation and that text on the pricing policy extracted from the Allocation Policy document.
At the retreat I recommended that the pricing policy and structure should be reviewed urgently in order to maintain consistency in pricing of lands.
Re-migrant Scheme Pricing Policy
The above, if not submitted already by Mr. Ally will be included in the Remigrant Scheme document prepared by the Management of CHPA. This document will be sent to the Board shortly.
House lot allocation breakdown for the last quarter
Senior Land Allocation Officer, Ms. Ingrid Jones, reported that she told you that the information requested is available and in fact, she took the information on the trip to Region 2, but did not remember to handover same to you. This will be provided today.
Land Management System
The officer did not receive a memo on this matter however, the information requested is attached.
Respectfully submitted for your information and guidance.
Denise King-Tudor
Director of Operations
From: Mark Jacobs []

Sent: Saturday, July 09, 2016 5:55 AM

To: deniset

Cc: Gumbssonia; Heather Scott; Mallika Mootoo; Ronald Alli; Bert Carter; Winifred Heywood; Bryan Lewis; Mayorofgeorgetownsect; Sherod Duncan;; Jordan Hannifah;; Ronald Bulkan; valerie.adams; myrnap

Subject: Fwd: Pricing Policy of CHPA, transactions of the Land Management System and 322 Tabatinga Housing Scheme
Dear Mrs. Tudor:
I’ve spoken about this matter before June 6, 2016 and I have written to you about it multiple times. The housing officer of Region 9 is also aware of the problems.
It’s been ongoing since February
It’s still unresolved months later and our recommendation has not been carried through.
in the meantime a fence has been erected on this property et cetera and construction is ongoing
as far as the matter in Tabatinga is concerned, we discussed this matter at land allocation and have asked that the officer in Lethem be called and all activities on the property be halted until we have a look at all the records.
I dont understand why this has to wait until tuesday. 
are emails going unanswered because persons are on leave?
what systems are in place for continuity? board members are working all the time. it’s not as if we are always aware of who is and who isn’t on leave and for how long. irregardless, the work of the agency must continue uninterrupted.
we might not be able to plan for unexpected illness but systems have to be in place so that incidents like this doesn’t happen again.
In the absence of Ms. Pitt you will be acting as CEO, we cant have break downs in the system where matters are sitting on peoples desks for weeks unattended.
That’s totally unacceptable behaviour for senior members of CH&PA’s management.
There are other outstanding memos for which we’ve received no response or acknowledgement of receipt. (CH&PA pricing policies and guidelines, remigrant scheme pricing policy, list of CH&PA schemes, house lot allocation breakdown for last quarter etc)
A memo was also sent to Ms. Moore for information regarding the Land Management System discussed at our meeting with the Land Admin staff. when will this information be available?
thanks in advance.
humble regards,
Mark Jacobs
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From: <>

Date: Fri, Jul 8, 2016 at 6:02 PM

Subject: Pricing Policy of CHPA, transactions of the Land Management System and 322 Tabatinga Housing Scheme

To: Mark Jacobs <>

Cc: Myrnap <>, Ministry Communities <>
Dear Mr. Jacobs
I would like to remind you that I was on one week leave from June 27th to July 3rd 2016.
With respect to the above, I was just made aware of the memoranda by Ms. Sattan. Ms. Sattan was on three days sick leave this week.
Please be informed that we will respond to you on Tuesday 12th, 2016
Denise King-Tudor (Mrs)
Director of Operations
Central Housing and Planning Authority
41 Brickdam and United Nations

Valerie Patterson says CHPA board members cannot request info from the CEO

Something is wrong with these big negroes am telling you. Remember in February the minister instructed the IT Manager not to answer my memos? Well if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, check out the email below.

Negroes wanna get bogged down with protocol and which is soup spoon and which is spoon for sugar. I have no time for none of that bullshit. We have plenty work to do and time is running out.

Why should I not ask any officer or send them a direct memo? They hiding something? I am dealing with the people’s business. Plus all board members, the secretary of the board and ministers get copies of my emails. Ahhh fuck it.

I am not in a personality clash with anyone, but the level of scunt & ego these people carry around is beyond me.

I thought about responding but then decided naaaah. Everyone is copied on it. Chairman, board members, minister bulkan etc. they can see this for what it is and respond if they wish but I ain got time for foolishness.

If they haven’t already, it won’t be long before management rope her into the rackets.

Dear Mark JacobsI am really trying to understand how and why as a member of this board you are making request to the CEO for information /documentation. The CH&PA board has a Chairman and a Secretary in whom the authority is vested to make such requests. I have raised this matter before with Minister Bulkan yet it continues to be accommodated. I dare say that there are clear lines of authority set out for organisational operations and if and when not followed is recipe for confusion and disaster.
Trust that this kind of disrespect for line management does not repeat itself.
Min. Valerie Patterson

Min. Responsible for Housing

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartph

Mr. Jacobs
With respect to the attachment, I am advised that two agreements were not executed.
I will cross reference the list I have here from the Land Allocation Department with you on Thursday.
With reference to the plan of the 1000 Homes Project, a fresh copy of the full sized plan will be given to you on Thursday.
Please acknowledge receipt of this email.
Best regards
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From: Mark Jacobs [] 

Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 6:39 AM


Cc: Ronald Bulkan; valerie.adams;

Subject: List of private developers & plans;
Ms. Pitt:

please find attached a memo requesting a complete list of private developers & plans; and a few additional questions.

humble regards,

Mark Jacobs