Re: Water leaks in remigrant scheme

From: Mark Jacobs

To: Omar Narine

29 December, 2016

Omar good morning:

I went back to check on things and noticed someone has plugged the leak with a stick!

this cannot be the standard of CH&PA. whether it was handed over to GWI or not we have to ensure these things are working and when not working fixed to professional standards. I find this unacceptable.

when I say the work is of a poor quality I didn’t mean cement strength

it’s not symmetrical and has many defects due to poor workmanship

the sidewalk and curb being built there also has many of the same issues.

we will have an outside engineer inspect these works and pronounce on them.

humble regards,

Mark Jacobs
Omar Narine <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Jacobs, a pleasant good afternoon,
With reference to you e-mail dated November 29th, 2016, please be informed of the following as requested: –


1000 Home Procurement Officer position reveals a lot of wrongs


2 September, 2016

The Procurement Officer is listed as a data entry clerk in the Land Allocation Department. This obviously made me ask questions.
A few of the persons asked said Timothy Sammy was indeed hired as a Procurement Officer but no one could say when and how. I sensed unease as I asked the questions. I genuinely was curious.

It boils back down to HR procedures not being followed or non existent and incompetent persons being placed in positions. This further fuel lawlessness and corruption. Continue reading “1000 Home Procurement Officer position reveals a lot of wrongs”

14 million transaction by projects dept 5 days before elections

A contractor came forward today to discuss fraud and corruption by members of the project department.
He had detailed revelations on Head of Projects Fazal Wahab, Deputy Head Omar Narine, Superintendant of Works Omar Narine and many others in the project department. He was of the impression that the Board should have these persons arrested.
I took notes of what he had to say and will share with the relevant authorities. Also directed him to contact the police and give a statement. It’s not for me to investigate these criminal acts if they turn out to be true. Continue reading “14 million transaction by projects dept 5 days before elections”