Questions about Procurement Officer for 1000 Home Project

Mark Jacobs<> AttachmentTue, Jun 21, 2016 at 1:03 AM
To: myrnap <>
Cc: board members
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Ms. Pitt:
please find attached a memo regarding Timothy Sammy being employed as the Procurement Officer for the 1000 Home Project.
Thanks in advance,
humble regards,
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Procurement Officer for 1000 Homes Project


To: Myrna Pitt, CEO CH&PA
From: Mark Jacobs, Land Allocation Committee
Date: 9th June, 2016.
Subject : Procurement Officer for 1000 Homes Project

Dear Ms. Pitt:

At the last Land Allocation Committee meeting there was some confusion as to the status of Timothy Sammy. Continue reading “Procurement Officer for 1000 Homes Project”