1000 Home Procurement Officer position reveals a lot of wrongs


2 September, 2016

The Procurement Officer is listed as a data entry clerk in the Land Allocation Department. This obviously made me ask questions.
A few of the persons asked said Timothy Sammy was indeed hired as a Procurement Officer but no one could say when and how. I sensed unease as I asked the questions. I genuinely was curious.

It boils back down to HR procedures not being followed or non existent and incompetent persons being placed in positions. This further fuel lawlessness and corruption. Continue reading “1000 Home Procurement Officer position reveals a lot of wrongs”


Procurement Officer for 1000 Homes Project


To: Myrna Pitt, CEO CH&PA
From: Mark Jacobs, Land Allocation Committee
Date: 9th June, 2016.
Subject : Procurement Officer for 1000 Homes Project

Dear Ms. Pitt:

At the last Land Allocation Committee meeting there was some confusion as to the status of Timothy Sammy. Continue reading “Procurement Officer for 1000 Homes Project”