Corruption & lawlessness still rampant at Guyana Vector Control Unit

An external audit forced the then head of Vector Control and three others to resign in 2015.

The Minister said that there were some discrepancies of under-reporting of data collection and processing of Malaria cases from the Unit, which caused red lights to blink. In 2013 there were 32,000 cases of malaria recorded while in 2014 only 11,000 cases were recorded. “There must be some reason for the big drop because that is alarming and it tells us that something is not right because they have not changed their strategies,” Dr. Norton said

A few superficial changes were made, but based on soon to be published emails we’ve received, Vector Control management are still engaged in:

  1. Forging testing numbers
  2. Faking training 
  3. Billing for imaginary trips
  4. Receiving samples from persons not trained to take samples
  5. Using money to travel around for fun.

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