RE: remigrant scheme allocations without affidavit of non ownership

Dear Mr. Jacobs

Please be informed that I am in the process of obtaining the information
from Ms. Ramawad and Ms. Jones on the fourteen matters stated in your email.


Denise King-Tudor (Mrs)
Director of Operations
Central Housing and Planning Authority
41 Brickdam and United Nations

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Subject: Re: remigrant scheme allocations without affidavit of non ownership

On 25 Jan 2017, at 12:52 PM, Mark Jacobs wrote:

The remigrant scheme information clearly states that persons must
provide an affidavit of non ownership before an application is
processed and a lot allocated.

However, about 14 persons from the last set of information you
submitted were allocated lots in the scheme without these document.
Why did you process these applications without this document if indeed
it is mandatory?

thanks in advance,
humble regards,
Mark Jacobs