The awarding of a scholarship to Shevon Moore


To: Board Members, Central Housing & Planning Authority

From: Mark Jacobs, Chair Land Allocation Committee

Date: 9th January, 2017

Subject : The awarding of a scholarship to Shevon Moore


Dear Members:

A member of the Management Team informed me that Ms. Shevon Moore (Land Allocation Officer III) has been offered a scholarship through the Public Service Ministry to read for a masters degree at the Korea Development Institute School for Public Policy (South Korea). Continue reading “The awarding of a scholarship to Shevon Moore”


Andre Ally or Denise King Tudor cant explain why a $40 million transaction is not recorded anywhere

When a through audit is done of Central Housing they will back trucks up to the gate and fetch management and staff out. This place is FULL of corrupt and uhexplainable acts. Well we know why there are no explanations.
Mrs. Tudor is the boss of land administration and the defacto deputy CEO but the head of IT, Andre Ally was in charge of the remigrant scheme and allocating land to persons! According to him Irfaan Ali created that role for him. According to Tudor she knows nothing of the remigrant scheme. Continue reading “Andre Ally or Denise King Tudor cant explain why a $40 million transaction is not recorded anywhere”

90% allottees in “Remigrant Scheme” not registered remigrants


To: Hamilton Green, Chairman of the Board

From: Mark Jacobs, Land Allocation Committee.

Date: 18th April, 2016.

Subject : 90% allottees in “Remigrant Scheme” not registered remigrants

Dear Mr. Green:

As discussed at Committee level, I submitted the list of 137 allottees in the “Remigrant Scheme” two weeks ago to the head of the Remigrant Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I spoke with the head of the division, Ms. Michelle Phillips, 226-1607 extension 312 or 226-1386.

Based on the information Ms. Phillips returned today, 14 names out of 137 are remigrants as listed in the database of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I initially received a list of 130 allottees from Head of IT, Andre Ally on March 14, 2016. Three days later I received another list, this time with 137 names and the following explanation.

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

Please see attached, lists requested.

All allocation information was provided by the Land Administration Department.

Please note that if any applicant had already made an application at the office, we would not require them to apply again. Hence, I have included an ‘application type’ field to specify if the application was done ‘online’ through the regular re-migrant/returning Guyanese system, or if the application was done through the regular system – ‘LMS’.

Also note that the first allotee on the list was allocated to another scheme (De Groot En Klyne), since they requested a lot in Region 3.


Andre Ally

Head, ICT

Central Housing and Planning Authority

I requested from Mr. Ally verbally the pricing policy for the remigrant scheme in his office at the meeting we had with Mr. Hope present. He said he would make it available soon.

On April, 2, 2016, I wrote Mr. Ally via CEO Myrna Pitt regarding the pricing policy.

To date I have not received that information.

After multiple discussions with CEO Myrna Pitt, Director of Operations Denise King-Tudor and Head of IT Andre Ally we still are not certain how many lots are in the remigrant scheme. We have recorded four different numbers so far as presented by the CEO, Director of Operations and Head of IT.

All for your information and guidance.

Humble regards,

Mark Jacobs

Chair, Land Allocation Committee


Valerie Patterson, Minister within the Ministry

Board Members