Gold Board legal officer helped form company robbing agency

The shocking details are part of the Articles of Incorporation documents, as filed in the business registry.
In the Declaration of Compliance, Legal Officer of GGB, Suzanne Bullen, said that she assisted in the formation of the company. She even used the GGB address of Upper Brickdam.
The documents said: “I, Suzanne Bullen, of Lot 68 Upper Brickdam, Georgetown, Demerara, being duly sworn, make oath and say as follows: That I am the Attorney-at-Law engaged in the formation of SSS Minerals Trading Enterprise Inc., and I hereby state that all the requirements of the Companies Act, No. 29 of 1991, in respect of the matters precedent to the registration of the said company, and incidental thereto, have been complied with.”
Bullen’s role would raise serious conflict of interest questions as she is also the Compliance Officer of the state-owned GGB.